Brasov is an old medieval city. The buildings of Brasov can tell you a lot about the evolution of the city throughout different ages. Also known as Kronstadt or Corona, Brasov was the home of some of the best craftsmen, jewelers, and traders living in Transylvania.


The oldest part of Brasov is called “Scheii Brasovului”. In this place, people are simple, friendly, carefully with their old customs. Curtea Brasoveana Boarding House, situated in “Scheii Brasovului” is prepared to offer you some calmly, comfortable days.


Curtea Brasoveana meets the desire of people with a vast experience in tourism to combine the modernity with the traditions of these places. Classified by The Ministry of Tourism as a **** boarding house, Curtea Brasoveana has 9 double rooms, 4 bachelor’s rooms and an apartment (full capacity of 26 places), conference room, sauna, internet access and more facilities.


We are waiting for you to come here!